Beat Bureaucracy

 What is a bureaucracy?

A bureaucracy is a large organization made up of many departments and levels of management. Governments and large private companies are bureaucracies.

Bureaucracy can be a good thing.

  • Each department can specialize in doing its job effectively.
  • Government bureaucracies should enable citizens to receive services without interference from policitians.

Bureaucracy can be a tyranny. If an organization is poorly run:

  • the departments don't work well together and clients/customers lose out
  • clients have to deal with endless paperwork and procedures (red tape)
  • government bureaucrats, afraid of news stories about undeserving people getting government benefits, may make their procedures rigid and obstructionist

Sometimes bureaucrats forget that their job is customer service, not enforcing rules. Many clients don't have the time, knowledge or energy to deal with the rules and paperwork. They simply give up.