Beat Bureaucracy

Beat Bureaucracy presentations and training in the Vancouver, British Columbia area

Training is provided at no cost to groups in the Lower Mainland and south Vancouver Island. The content of the presentations varies according to whether the group comprises people with disabilities, single parents, seniors, social justice advocates or a general audience.

Coping with Bureaucracy   30-60 minutes

Participants receive:

  • the Four Simple Rules for Beating Bureaucracy, a Red Tape Cutters' Strategy Toolkit and a model letter of complaint
  • a comprehensive list of federal, provincial and municipal services and sources of financial support
  • information on how to retain benefits

Successfully Challenging Bureaucratic Decisions   1-3 hours

Using case studies, the group chooses ideas from the Four Simple Rules, Strategy Toolkit and Sample Letter of Complaint to battle the bureaucracies of a bus company, a federal tax department and a child welfare department.

Cutting Through Red Tape   5-7 hours

Participants develop a Strategy Checklist while responding to case studies involving government departments and private companies. They then apply their strategies to increasingly challenging bureaucratic situations.

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