Beat Bureaucracy

Train yourself

Improve your skills by practising how to beat bureaucracy

Apply the Four Simple Rules for Beating Bureaucracy to case studies that are based on true stories. After you finish each case study, the Bureaucracy Navigator will give you more strategies to use.

The case studies progress in difficulty from straightforward to very challenging.


Six case studies

1. The bus driver who wouldn't stop driving  30 minutes

Every week he is making you and dozens of others late for work. Can you stop him?

2. Government breaks promise to nail deadbeat dads  30 minutes

You haven't seen a penny in child support for two years. The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program is a sham and your children are its victims.

3. You lose half a day’s pay due to an airline’s mistake  30 minutes

A reservations clerk told you to go to the airport to try flying standby. When you got there, you found out he was wrong and you were out half a day’s pay. What now?

4. A charity refuses to issue a tax receipt for a $1200 donation   30 minutes

They say it’s against the rules but you say they aren’t being fair.

5. You're disabled but the tax department won't give you a disability tax credit  60 minutes

How do you file an appeal? How can you persuade the taxman to broaden his eligibility criteria? Are there friends, advocacy organizations and reporters who might help you press your case?

6. Repairing a broken bureaucracy after 9/11  60 minutes

Sometimes an entire group of people suffers because a bureaucracy doesn't work. That’s what happened to the families of people who died in the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001. What should have been done to help them?


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