Imagine if there had been laws to prevent the misbehaviour of bankers, brokers, bosses and other wheeler-dealers that led to the global economic collapse in 2008. Would those laws have been denounced by some as “bloated, unnecessary bureaucracy”? You betcha.

When you hear someone criticizing excessive bureaucracy, look carefully at what they’re saying. Dogmatists who advocate fewer laws and regulations regardless of the human consequences often blame bureaucracy for “overregulation.” They speak the word “bureaucracy” with the same pinched face they use for “liberal” and “socialist.”

Needless, inefficient, obstructive regulation is harmful. On the other hand, efficient regulation that protects the public is essential. Nothing wrong with that.

Is privatization the solution to overregulation? Hah

Here's a well reasoned opinion piece about privatization:

Blaming individual bureaucrats

Bureaucrats are no different than the general population. Most are honest, decent and hardworking. A few are lazy and uncaring (like the small group of lazy, uncaring types who apply for social assistance when they don’t need it).

When bureaucracies don’t work, it’s usually beyond the control of the bureaucrats, especially the front-line ones who deal with the public. Even the senior people who set up obstacle-ridden procedures often have good intentions: they want to prevent waste of public funds. They may need to work smarter and be more conscious of their clients’ needs, but most aren’t villains.